About us

PERN S.A. is a leader of petroleum logistics on its domestic market, and a strategic company which guarantees the energy security of Poland, and thus also that of the European Union, within the scope of crude oil supplies. The Company’s basic activity is the operation of the network of crude oil pipelines, transporting Russian crude oil for the largest producers of fuels in Poland, as well as in Germany. The two lines of the “Przyjaźń” pipeline, which span from Adamowo, situated at the Polish-Belarussian border, to Płock, and then to Schwedt in Germany.

Apart from the network of crude oil pipelines, PERN “Przyjaźń” S.A. also owns a network of product pipelines, used for transporting liquid fuels produced by refineries.  This network radiates from Płock towards Warsaw, Poznań and Częstochowa. Yet another service, crucial for the energy security of the country, rendered by PERN S.A, is the storage of crude oil.

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