Group of Companies

PERN Group of Companies

PERN Group is a national and regional leader in petroleum logistics. PERN S.A., the Group’s parent company, was established in 1959 to transport crude oil from the Soviet Union to Poland and Eastern Germany. Since 1963, when the first batch of Russian crude oil reached the tanks in Adamowo, next arterial pipelines for transporting crude oil and petroleum products have been quickly developed. In 1999, the Company was transformed into a fully state-owned joint stock company.

PERN S.A. is a dynamically developing Group of Companies, which apart from PERN S.A., also includes the following five subsidiaries: OLPP sp. z o.o., NAFTOPORT Sp. z o.o., CDRiA Sp. z o.o. and Siarkopol Gdańsk S.A.

In total, the Group, manages nearly 2.5 thousand km of crude oil and fuel pipelines, and owns over 3 million m³ of crude oil storage capacity and 1.8 million m³ for liquid fuels. It also manages a sea terminal handling 34 million tonnes of crude oil annually. The Group also provides services, such as the transport, handling and storage of crude oil, reloading and blending fuels, as well as laboratory testing of petroleum products.

The strategy of PERN Group of Companies involves strengthening its position in the area of crude oil storage and transportation, as well as further development in the fuels sector including, but not limited to, the expansion of storage capacity, pipeline network and of the infrastructure at the seaport in Gdańsk.

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