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CDRiA logoCentrum Diagnostyki Rurociągów i Aparatury Sp z o.o. (CDRiA) has been operating since 1998, whereas since 2011 Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Rurociągów Naftowych “Przyjaźń” S.A. owns 100% of the shares of CDRiA.
CDRiA conducts in-line technical inspections of crude oil, petroleum and gas pipelines. These services are provided with the use of diagnostic tools designed and developed by CDRiA.
CDRiA is a full member of the Pigging Products & Services Association.
The Company is a domestic leader in pipeline inspections with the use of intelligent pigs. It provides specialist services involving long-distance crude oil, petroleum and liquid gases pipelines, ensuring that our clients are able to manage the integrity of their pipelines and to achieve their business targets. CDRiA also performs export projects.
Skills and professionalism of its entire staff ensure comprehensive assessment of pipeline integrity including:

  • internal geometry;
  • ultrasonic pipeline in-line inspection;
  • ultrasonic detection of cracks;
  • precise pipeline XYZ mapping;
  • MFL inspection of the oil storage tank floor.

The Company has a line of intelligent pigs designed by them (along with accompanying software and tools for analysis and visualization of measurement data), ensuring a possibility of conducting inspections of pipelines with diameters ranging from 8″ to 47″. This said line includes:

  • KALIBRAK – a pig for detecting and measuring chances in the pipeline’s internal geometry;
  • KORSONIC – an ultrasound inspection pig for detecting metal losses and material defects of the pipe wall;
  • KORMAG – a scanner for inspecting tank floors using the Magnetic Flux Leakage method.

The XYZ pipeline spatial mapping is performed on the basis of data obtained from an inertial platform, with the use of state-of-the-art fiber-optic gyroscope or MEMS technology.
The diagnostic devices developed and used by CDRiA have several certificates and approvals such as: TÜV Industrie Service, member of TÜV Rheinland Group, Polish Register of Shipping, Examination Center for personnel in the petroleum industry VCA – Holland.
The Company has also obtained the CERTIFICATE OF UDT SUBCONTRACTOR in the area of laboratory research no. LB-264/27.

CDRiA Sp. z o.o.
ul. Przasnyska 6B,
01-756  Warszawa,
Phone (+48) 22 101 56 60
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