Naftoserwis provides specialized technical maintenance services for fuel storage depots. The company cooperates with the largest players in the petroleum industry.

Daily, the Naftoserwis workers perform maintenance duties at 20 fuel depots within the PERN Group. Naftoserwis ensures technical security of pump and storage installations. The company also engages in development investment projects in the oil industry. In addition, Naftoserwis renders services of cleaning the fuel tanks, installation works and measurements of the pump systems, along with the legalization support.
Naftoserwis employs nearly 120 people with the Energy Licenses, as well as certificates from the Office of Technical Inspection and Transport Technical Supervision. The advantage of Naftoserwis are its skilled and experienced control engineers, electricians, mechanics and welders.

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Company’s seat:

al. Stanów Zjednoczonych 53, 04-028 Warszawa

tel. 22 871 10 01 22 871 10 02
Fax. 22 871 10 03

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