“Siarkopol” Gdańsk S.A. (Siarkopol) was established in Gdańsk in 1969 in order to handle exports by sea of the Polish fossil-based sulfur. Since 1990s the Company has successively expanded the range of liquid products being handled. At present, besides sulfur, it also provides handling and storage services for liquid petrochemical, chemical and plant origin products. This year the Company launched the service of packaging products with the use of container transport.

“Siarkopol” Gdańsk S.A. has access to the quay with a possibility of receiving vessels with a tonnage up to 30 000 tons, draught 10.1 m and height of 14 m from the water level. The Company’s technical infrastructure, including a large railway siding, technologies applied, capacity as well as its convenient location in the center of the Port of Gdańsk provide favorable conditions for establishing storage subterminals for various foodstuff, chemical and petrochemical products.

The infrastructure of “Siarkopol” Gdańsk S.A. is adapted to handling liquid petroleum products including heating oils, base oils, Diesel fuels. Moreover, the Company is able to handle plant origin products: biofuels and biocomponents, vegetable oils, molasses.

The services involving the storage and handling of liquid products are comprehensive. Loading operations offered are performed directly or indirectly with the use of storage capacities, both in imports and exports. This year the Company has launched reloading and packaging services for unitized loose mass products. Subsequently the service of reloading liquid mass products usingflexi-tank containerswill be offered. 
Comprehensive services also include railway services, weighing of road and railway means of transport, heating products in railway and road tankers, storage of excise goods in duty suspension, forwarding and logistics services.  Moreover, the Company owns free storage and investment space.

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