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PERN Spółka Akcyjna

PERN S.A. is a dynamically developing Group of Companies, which includes five subsidiaries companies besides PERN S.A.: OLPP Sp. z o.o., NAFTOPORT Sp. z o.o., CDRiA Sp. z o.o., PETROMOR Sp. z o.o. and Siarkopol Gdańsk S.A. In total the Group owns over 3 million m³ of storage capacity for crude oil and 1.8 million m³ for liquid fuels. It also manages the sea terminal handling 34 million tonnes of crude oil per year. It also provides services within transport, handling and storage of crude oil, reloading, blending of fuels as well as laboratory research into petroleum products.

PERN S.A.- dominant company within the Group, is 100 % owned by the Treasury. It was established in 1959 in order to transport crude oil from Russia to Poland and East Germany The Company operates directly a network of over 1.5 thousand km of crude oil and product pipelines.

The Company’s basic task is to operate the network of pipelines transporting Russian crude oil for the biggest producers of fuels in Poland and in Germany. This services is provided via “Friendship” pipeline, running from Adamowo (located at the border of Poland with Belarus) to Płock, and then to Schwedt in Germany. Pomerania Pipeline, connecting Płock with Gdańsk, also plays an important role in providing Polish refineries with crude oil, and it allows us to transport crude oil in both directions. Crude oil may be pumped to Gdańsk Naftoport, and then it is exported by tankers. This pipeline also allows us to provide Polish and German refineries with crude oil originating from other directions than “Friendship” pipeline. In consequence this means “sea” supplies, their handling at Naftoport and them pumping crude oil towards Płock.

Besides the network of crude oil pipelines, PERN S.A. also owns a network of product pipelines, used for transporting liquid fuels produced by refineries. This network radiates from Płock towards Warsaw, Poznań and Częstochowa.

An extremely important service – for our country’s energy security, provided by PERN S.A. is crude oil storage. The Company owns three tanks farms: in Adamow, Płock and Gdańsk, equipped with tanks capacities from 32 thousand to 100 thousand m³. In 2013 the Company started the development of a new terminal on the premises of the port. The completion of the first stage,i.e. the part dedicated to crude oil, has been scheduled for 2015.

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