Transportation of fuels

PERN S.A. provides transportation services of liquid fuels (gasoline, Diesel and heating oil) on the following routes:

  • Płock – Nowa Wieś Wielka – Rejowiec (direction: Bydgoszcz – Poznań)

On the route from Płock to Nowa Wieś Wielka PERN “Przyjaźń” S.A. is able to transport 2.1 million tons of fuels per year. Whereas via the pipeline extension to Rejowiec the Company is able to pump 1.4 million tons of fuels per year.

  • Płock – Mościska – Emilianów (direction: Warszawa)

Via this line PERN S.A. is able to transport along the entire route from Płock to Emilianów c. 1 million tons of fuels per year.

  • Płock – Koluszki – Boronów (direction: Łódź – Częstochowa)

Płock – Koluszki is the most efficient section of fuel pipelines operated by PERN “Przyjaźń” S.A. It reaches a yeary capacity of 3.8 million tons of fuels, whereas its extension from Koluszki to Boronów – 1 million tons of fuels yearly.

Fuels transported by PERN S.A. go to tank farms located at the ends of pipelines. A total length of all the sections amounts to 620 kilometers.

The use of fuels pipelines has been continuously growing for several years. This means that it is the cheapest method for transporting fuels, environmentally friendly and safe for people.


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