About us

PERN Group is the national and regional leader in crude oil logistics. As managing company of a network of crude oil and petroleum products pipelines, the Company has approx. 4,1 million m3 of crude oil storage capacity and approx. 2,2 million m3 liquid fuels storage capacity at its disposal. PERN is also the managing company of a sea terminal, handling 36 million tonnes of crude oil and 4 million tons of fuels annually. The core operations of the Group include:

  1. transport and storage of crude oil and fuels,
  2. handling and storage of fuels on behalf of enterprises specialising in fuels trade and distribution.

PERN Group also provides services in the area of dosage of additives and bio-components to fuels, laboratory testing of petroleum products, inspections of technical condition of pipelines, leasing fibre optic cables, transmission of Internet data, and co-location services.

The strategic objective of PERN Capital Group is to enhance its position in the area of crude oil storage and transport and further development of fuels-related operations, including but not limited to expanding storage capacities and pipeline networks.

The Capital Group includes oil sector companies providing logistic services in the area of crude oil and liquid fuel supply (transport, storage, handling). Furthermore, PERN Group also affiliates a number of companies providing support services, such as:

  1. works associated with inspections and maintenance of pipelines, tanks and other technical infrastructure of oil sector companies;
  2. security services, both personnel and property-related, as well as fire protection;
  3. apart from inspections and assessments of technical condition of long-distance steel pipelines with the use of “smart” pigs, also the development of new technologies and solutions for examination of pipelines, such as designing, construction and upgrades of pigging equipment;
  4. acceptance, storage, handling of: granulated sulphur, base oils and fuel oils.

Apart from PERN S.A., the following companies are affiliated with PERN Capital Group: NAFTOPORT Sp. z o.o., Naftoserwis Sp. z o.o., Naftor Sp. z o.o., „Siarkopol” Gdańsk S.A. Another member of the Group is Sarmatia Sp. z o.o. – a company established for study purposes, and in particular to research the possibilities to launch the Euro-Asian Oil Transport Corridor (Euroazjatycki Korytarz Transportu Ropy, EAKTR), currently focused on the Baku–Odessa–Brody–Płock–Gdańsk route.