Access to the Internet

Thanks to its own infrastructure, PERN S.A. also has a cable connection in Warsaw with the main telecommunications hub in the country – a point of exchange of operator traffic (LIM) which enables a direct contact point with all IP traffic providers. These facilities allow the Company to provide its customers with an Internet access service of any bandwidth in various locations in Poland, situated within range of their telecommunications infrastructure.


Included in the range of services offered, the company leases usable space for customer telecommunications cabinets as well as space in its own telecommunications cabinets needed to install customer tele-transmission equipment. There is also the possibility of integrating the collocation service with data transmission services and fibre optic lease. All collocations have access control, air conditioning, monitoring and power systems, which guarantees a high level of security and reliability of the devices installed by the customer.

Lease of optical fibres

PERN S.A. has its own telecommunications infrastructure along crude oil pipelines built on the basis of optical fibre cables in accordance with ITU-T G.652 recommendation, and for this reason, it conducts telecommunications activity consisting mainly in the lease of dark optical fibres. The proximity of pipelines and fibre optic cables means that we have one of the safest and most reliable fibre optic networks in Poland. Thanks to this, we guarantee stable, high-quality services with the SLA (Service Level Agreement) guarantee.

The total optical length of the fibre optic network is currently over 1600 km and enables both domestic (inter-city) and transit relations between the country’s borders.

Lease of digital data connections

A network consisting of SDH multiplexers is constructed along the fibre optic cables. Using this system, PERN also provides a digital channel lease service.

It consists in providing the customer with a transparent link for data transmission between two indicated points and ensuring on it a constant rate bitrate in the range from nx E1 (2 Mbit/s) by E3 (34 Mbit/s), STM-1 (155 Mbit/s ), STM – 4 (622 Mbit/s) to 1 GbE (1.25 Gbit/s) in domestic and international relations.