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Przedsiębiorstwo Przeładunku Paliw Płynnych NAFTOPORT Sp. z o.o. (NAFTOPORT) is one of the largest crude oil transhipment terminals in the Baltic Sea.

NAFTOPORT is an important link in the supply chain of the logistics of crude oil, delivering refinery raw materials to PKN ORLEN and Grupa LOTOS as well as TRM Leuna and PCK Schwedt in Germany. The company also provides transhipment of offshore crude oil products for Grupa LOTOS – most of the exports of crude oil products from Poland are processed through the NAFTOPORT terminal. PERN S.A. holds 66.67% of shares in the company’s capital.

The transhipment terminal located at the North Port in Gdańsk (Liquid Fuel Transhipment Terminal) is the only oil transhipment terminal in Poland. The company’s potential makes it possible to tranship over 40 million tons of crude oil and 4 million tons of crude oil products per year, providing the opportunity to fully cover the needs of refineries connected to the “Przyjaźń” pipeline system.

NAFTOPORT terminal consists of 4 universal transhipment stations (it is possible to serve ships at all stations at the same time), where the largest oceanic tankers are operated at the Baltic Sea, including VLCC ships of more than 300 m in length for the transhipment of crude oil products. The stations are equipped with modern loading arms and an installation for receiving hydrocarbon vapours from ships.

Transhipments are carried out in closed port basins, protected with breakwaters and permanent and pneumatic anti-flood barriers. There are safe mooring system devices present on the quays. The computer controlled fire protection system, equipped with industrial television and parallel monitoring, detection and notification systems, together with the support of fire-fighting vehicles and ships, ensure fire safety. Since the commencement of operations by NAFTOPORT (1992), over 5.5 thousand tankers and over 185 million tons of oil and petroleum products have been transhipped at the Liquid Fuel Transhipment Base.

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