General information:

CDOK – Centralny Dział Obsługi Kierowcy [Central Driver Service Department] of PERN S.A. – the organizational structure of the Commercial Division, located at Fuel Base No. 4 in Rejowiec, responsible in particular for:

  • registering driver and vehicle master data,
  • issuing the driver card and vehicle card,
  • providing remote support for drivers,
  • order handling – in cases of emergency.

The Central Driver Service Department oversees:

  • drivers and vehicles as well as product release for road transportation at the following self-service Fuel Bases:
    • Fuel Base no. 1 in Koluszki
    • Fuel Base no. 2 in Nowa Wieś Wielka
    • Fuel Base no. 3 in Boronów
    • Fuel Base no. 4 in Rejowiec
    • Fuel Base no. 5 in Emilianów
    • Fuel Base no. 9 in Wola Rzędzińska
    • Fuel Base no. 10 in Kawice
    • Fuel Base no. 15 in Narewka
    • Fuel Base no. 21 in Dębogórze
    • Fuel Base no. 22 in Małaszewicze
  • drivers and vehicles in other non self-service Fuel Bases (storage facilities):
    • Fuel Base no. 6 in Skarżysko Kościelne
    • Fuel Base no. 7 in Trzebież
    • Fuel Base no. 8 in Jastrowie
    • Fuel Base no. 11 in Zamek Bierzgłowski
    • Fuel Base no. 12 in Chruściel
    • Fuel Base no. 13 in Zawadówka
    • Fuel Base no. 14 in Strzemieszyce
    • Fuel Base no. 17 in Barycz
    • Fuel Base no. 19 in Grabowno Wielkie
    • Fuel Base no. 20 in Ugoszcz

The personal data controller is PERN S.A. a company based in Płock at ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock.

The data controller may be contacted by letter under the address: PERN S.A., ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock.

PERN S.A. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Data Protection Officer is Marlena Leszczyńska. Contact with the Data Protection Officer, in every case concerning the processing of your personal data by PERN S.A., is possible via e-mail lp.nrep@doi