General information:

CDOK – Centralny Dział Obsługi Kierowcy [Central Driver Service Department] of PERN S.A. – the organizational structure of the Commercial Division, located at Fuel Base No. 4 in Rejowiec, responsible in particular for:

  • registering driver and vehicle master data,
  • issuing the driver card and vehicle card,
  • providing remote support for drivers,
  • order handling – in cases of emergency.

The Central Driver Service Department oversees:

  • drivers and vehicles as well as product release for road transportation at the following self-service Fuel Bases:
    • Fuel Base no. 1 in Koluszki
    • Fuel Base no. 2 in Nowa Wieś Wielka
    • Fuel Base no. 3 in Boronów
    • Fuel Base no. 4 in Rejowiec
    • Fuel Base no. 5 in Emilianów
    • Fuel Base no. 9 in Wola Rzędzińska
    • Fuel Base no. 10 in Kawice
    • Fuel Base no. 15 in Narewka
    • Fuel Base no. 21 in Dębogórze
    • Fuel Base no. 22 in Małaszewicze
  • drivers and vehicles in other non self-service Fuel Bases (storage facilities):
    • Fuel Base no. 6 in Skarżysko Kościelne
    • Fuel Base no. 7 in Trzebież
    • Fuel Base no. 8 in Jastrowie
    • Fuel Base no. 11 in Zamek Bierzgłowski
    • Fuel Base no. 12 in Chruściel
    • Fuel Base no. 13 in Zawadówka
    • Fuel Base no. 14 in Strzemieszyce
    • Fuel Base no. 17 in Barycz
    • Fuel Base no. 19 in Grabowno Wielkie
    • Fuel Base no. 20 in Ugoszcz
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