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1. Our company has not yet collected any fuel from PERN Fuel Base. Do we have to meet any formalities before the first collection?

Yes, every Driver and Vehicle requires registration in the PERN IT system according to the rules set out in the “Terms and conditions of self-service fuel collection…” provided that the collection concerns the bases supervised by the Central Driver Service Department (CDOK). The list of fuel bases managed by CDOK can be found in the “General information” tab. After this one-off registration, the Driver Card and the Vehicle Card are issued or registered, making it possible to log in to the forwarding system. Registration involves the submission of relevant Applications with annexes.

2. Where can we find detailed information on how to fill in the applications and what additional formalities must be met in order to process fuel collection from PERN Fuel Bases?

Detailed information on collection of fuels from PERN Fuel Base can be found in the “Terms and conditions of self-service collection of fuels from the Fuel Base of PERN S.A. using proximity cards”, which can be found on PERN website at:

For any additional information, please contact the employees of the Central Driver Service Department in Rejowiec. The contact details of CDOK can be found in the “Contact” tab.

3. Who should apply for the registration of the Driver/Vehicle in PERN IT system?

A company employing a driver and providing services related to fuel transport is authorized to submit applications.

4. How long does it take to register the Driver/Vehicle in the PERN IT system?

By default, the formalities related to the registration of the Driver, Vehicle and issuance/assignment of the Cards last 3 days from the date of receipt of Applications to CDOK. In the case of applying for new cards, the time required to deliver the Cards to the Carrier should be added.

5. So far, fuel collection has been conducted from the filling terminals to PKN ORLEN and/or GRUPA LOTOS. Do we have to submit separate applications to PERN, since we are registered in PKN ORLEN and/or GRUPA LOTOS and we already have cards?

Yes, every driver and vehicle that has not been submitted to PERN so far must undergo a standard registration procedure. The Driver cards and Vehicle cards issued by PKN ORLEN and/or GRUPA LOTOS may be assigned to the PERN IT system. The card allocation procedure is described in detail in the Terms and Conditions. Only one set of cards is registered.

6. Will the cards issued by PERN operate at PKN Orlen/Grupa LOTOS terminals?

The cards issued by PERN may only be used in the Fuel Bases owned by PERN.

7. Can we send an application for registration of the Driver/Vehicle by email or fax?

No. Applications for registration of the Driver/Vehicle must be submitted in the original at the headquarters of CDOK via post or courier. The exceptions involve the applications submitted to update data. If the Driver or Vehicle has already been registered in CDOK, and only certain data are changed and it is possible to submit applications in electronic form. Electronic applications are sent to CDOK as a scan or sent by fax. Applications must be signed.

8. If the Driver/Vehicle data update concerns one of the documents that was submitted during the registration of the Driver/Vehicle, is it necessary to send the current document to CDOK?

Yes, despite the specification of updated data in the Application, it is necessary to send current documents, e.g. driving license, TDT certificate.

9. Does the Driver's signature on the update request require the Driver's signature at the time of updating the Driver's data?

For every update of the Driver’s data, the Driver’s signature on the Application is required.

10. What is the cost of issuing Cards during the registration process?

The first set of Cards is issued free of charge. A fee for issuing the Card is only charged if the Card is lost or destroyed.

11. Is it possible to send a temporary PIN to the Driver Card otherwise than via a letter?

Yes, by selecting the appropriate option on the Application for the Driver notification, it is possible to send the PIN code to a mobile phone number.

12. Can the driver specify the PIN for the Driver’s card by himself/herself?

Yes, the standard procedure is to change the temporary PIN code sent to the Driver (email, SMS) during the first login in the multimedia kiosk.

13. Should we complete the formalities related to de-registering the Driver in the PERN IT system when the Driver is no longer our employee?

Yes, in case of termination of contract with the Driver, the Carrier is obliged to immediately report to CDOK the de-registration of the Driver and block the Driver card. Applications should be made on the Application form. Notification of de-registration is very important from the point of view of legal liability, because until the time of de-registration, the Carrier is liable for actual and documented damage caused by the Driver during the process of collecting fuel from PERN Fuel Bases.

14. Does the Driver Card/Vehicle Card have to be delivered at the time of de-registration of the Driver/Vehicle from PERN IT system?

In the case of de-registration of the Driver or Vehicle, the Card is not required to be returned to CDOK. The Card can be used at the time of re-registration of the Driver/Vehicle.

15. How should you fill in the fields regarding the volume of the Vehicle chambers that are on the Application for a vehicle registration?

The capacity of individual vehicle chambers should be filled in as follows:

a) maximum capacity – this is the capacity of the chamber defined in the “Protocol on examination of a transport device for the transport of hazardous goods” (the so-called vehicle passport),

b) default capacity – is the capacity that can be assigned to the chamber and constitutes a maximum of 96% of the maximum capacity; the default capacity is usually the capacity that the driver usually has to the chamber.


Maximum capacity from the protocol: 6 000 litres.

Default capacity: maximum 5 760 litres. Due to the fact that the Driver’s chamber usually has 5 700 litres, this amount should be given in the application. It will be suggested to the Driver at the multimedia kiosk. The Driver can always change the number shown on the kiosk – up to 5 760 litres.

16. What is the functionality of informing the Carrier about the entry or exit of the driver to/from the Fuel Base? How can we order such a service and is it payable?

The PERN IT system has the functionality of sending text messages confirming the use of the Driver card in the multimedia kiosk, thus informing the Carrier about the entry and/or exit of the driver to/from PERN Fuel Base area. Messages are sent to the Carrier’s e-mail address and/or telephone number provided in the Application. Activation of the service requires selecting the appropriate option on the Application for driver notification.

PERN only charges a fee for text messages (SMS) sent to a mobile phone, informing about the exit of the drivers from the Fuel Base area. Information sent via e-mail is free. There are also free text messages (SMS) sent to mobile phones, informing about the entry of drivers in the area of the Fuel Base.

17. Are drivers already operating in the Bases without self-service (warehouse) and not serviced by the Central Driver Service Department under the obligation to register in the PERN system?

Yes. The Carrier should report all its drivers and all their vehicles to CDOK in order to register in the PERN system. Each registered driver and vehicle will receive a card, which will be used on bases without self-service used to identify the driver and the vehicle by the base employee. selecting the appropriate options on the Driver Application.

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