Construction of new storage tanks at Fuel Depots

The Project includes the construction of diesel oil storage tanks based on the technical documentation and final construction permits provided for the following locations

  1. Fuel Depot No. 1 in Koluszki: 2×tank 32,000 m3,
  2. Fuel Depot No. 2 in Nowa Wieś Wielka: 2×tank 32,000 m3,

Furthermore, the provision is anticipated of a complete set of technical documentation, building designs, multi-sectoral detailed building designs and acquisition of final permits for the construction of diesel fuel tanks at the following locations:

  • Fuel Depot No. 1 in Koluszki: 1×tank 32,000 m3
  • Fuel Depot No. 3 in Boronów: 1×tank 10,000 m3
  • Fuel Depot No. 4 in Rejowiec: 2×tank 32,000 m3,
  • Fuel Depot No. 5 in Emilianów: 2×tank 10,000 m3,
  • Fuel Depot No. 21 in Dębogórze: 1×tank 32,000 m3,
  • Fuel Depot No. 22 in Małaszewicze: 1×tank 32,000 m3,

The construction of storage tanks enumerated above will depend upon the results of demand analysis of fuel storage capacity, scheduled for the second half of 2018.

It must be stressed that as a market leader in the area of fuel handling and storage, PERN S.A. continues to strive to enhance its market position. Long-term experience in the construction and operation of fuel infrastructure is definitely a source of advantage over other entities. AS owner of Fuel Depots across the entire national territory, the Company certainly has the capacity to develop dynamically and maintain its leading position in fuel logistics. Other important factors include the strategies adopted by main clients, such as PKN ORLEN and LOTOS Group, which implement their own fuel infrastructure development policies.