Oil Terminal in Gdańsk – IInd stage

The main challenges PERN Capital Group is currently facing include, inter alia, the growing demand for crude storage capacities. This demand is fuelled by diversification of crude oil supply by Polish refineries, constantly rowing demand for mandatory storage capacities, ensuing from regulations, amended to reduce the “grey zone”, and by growing GDP of Poland.

The Project is aimed at the construction of crude oil tanks within the boundaries of the Oil Terminal in Gdańsk with total capacity of 390 thousand m3 (375 thousand m3 net), i.e.

  1. 3 tanks with the capacity of 100 thousand m3 each (85 thousand m3),
  2. 2 tanks with the capacity of 45 thousand m3 each (37.5 thousand m3 net).

The completion of investment project has been scheduled for 2020.


When commissioned, the Terminal will considerably increase the possibilities to diversify crude oil supply to domestic refineries, thus exerting a positive impact upon the national energy security.

The target capacity of the entire Terminal is 740 thousand m3.