1. Cookies Information

The service available at uses cookies.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small files stored on the User’s terminal device by websites visited by the User. Cookies contain various information often necessary for the website to function properly. Disabling cookies in the User’s browser may cause difficulties or even deactivate certain website functions.

3. How do cookies work?

Information contained in cookies contains data on user activity in the internet service from which they were sent. Cookies are stored in the memory of the User’s terminal device, e.g. computer, tablet, mobile phone, in order to facilitate navigation and to adapt the website to the User’s preferences. Cookies are encrypted in such a way that unauthorised persons cannot access them.

It is possible to block the storage of cookies in the browser of the User’s device or to delete them by configuring the browser settings correctly. If the User’s mobile device has iOS installed, it is necessary to enable cookies in order to use the full version of the internet information service.

4. How do we use cookies?

Depending on the period for which cookies are installed, cookies are divided into the following groups:

  1. session cookies, temporary cookies – not saved on the hard drive, necessary to maintain the context of the user’s session; those cookies are very often used by various services due to the specificity of the HTTP protocol by which websites are transmitted,
  2. permanent cookies – cookies that are not deleted when the browser is closed and can be used by the website in the future; those are:
    • cookies within a given domain (first party) – the service configures cookies for its own purposes only,
    • cookies within an external domain (third party) – the website saves cookies so that they can be used on other websites.

Depending on the purpose for which PERN S.A. uses cookies, they are divided into basic, analytical, and marketing:

  1. basic cookies are installed if the user has consented through the settings of the software installed on their telecommunications device. Basic cookies include:
  • Technical cookies – necessary for the website to operate correctly and which are used by PERN S.A. to (among other things):
  1. ensure that the website is displayed correctly, depending on the device used,
  2. record the information on whether the User has consented to view certain content.
  • analytical cookies are necessary for PERN S.A. to settle transactions with its business partners, measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns without identifying personal data and to improve the functioning of the website; analytical cookies are used by PERN S.A. in order to:
  1. analyse traffic statistics,
  2. detect various types of fraudulent activities.

5. Enabling, deleting, or blocking cookies in the PERN S.A. internet information service.

PERN S.A. internet information service uses cookies in accordance with User’s individual settings of the browser installed in the User’s terminal device. Using PERN S.A. internet information service without changing cookie settings in the User’s browser means that the User has acknowledged the above information and has accepted cookies.

If the User of internet information services has not accepted cookies, such User can at any time change the settings of such User’s browser and turn cookies off. However, this may result in incorrect display of the web content. We recommend reading the help section available in User’s browser or going to where more information on this topic is available.

Using internet information services with cookies enabled means that cookies will be stored in the memory of the User’s device.

More information on cookies is available in the “Help” section of the User’s browser menu or on the following pages.

Users who, after having read the information available in the internet information services, do not wish the cookies to be stored in the browser of their device should delete them from their browser at the end of their session in the internet information service.

6. Personal data controller

According to the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons in relation to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), the controller of personal data of the Users of the service is PERN Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Płock, at ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock, registered in the District Court for the Capital City of Warsaw, 14th Commercial Department of the National Court Register [Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy], under the National Court Registry number 0000069559, Tax Identification Number [NIP]: 7740003097, REGON [State Statistical Number]: 000044641, share capital (paid capital) PLN 1,235,977,500.00, telephone number +48-24-266-23-00.

7. Data Protection Officer

On matters related to the protection of personal data, the users may contact the Data Protection Officer appointed by PERN S.A. The function of the Data Protection Officer is performed by Marlena Leszczyńska. Address: ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock, -mail: .


The personal data controller is PERN S.A. a company based in Płock at ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock.

The data controller may be contacted by letter under the address: PERN S.A., ul. Wyszogrodzka 133, 09-410 Płock.

PERN S.A. has appointed a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The Data Protection Officer is Marlena Leszczyńska. Contact with the Data Protection Officer, in every case concerning the processing of your personal data by PERN S.A., is possible via e-mail lp.nrep@doi