About us

PERN S.A. has an independent network of nationwide accredited laboratories. On behalf of their customers, the laboratories conduct analyses of liquid fuels and biofuels as well as biocomponents, research in the field of environmental protection and research at workstations in accordance with legal requirements and the European standards.

They are equipped with the most modern testing and measurement equipment and employ experienced specialists in the field of quality control of liquid fuels, biofuels and biocomponents, and to confirm the high quality of analytical services, they regularly participate in international comparative research.

The laboratories of PERN S.A. offer systematic quality control of stored products at every stage of storage in fuel bases, so our customers can be sure that they receive a product that meets all the requirements. They can also carry out arbitrage research, monitor the quality of fuels at stations, or perform other services in accordance with customer needs.

The laboratories carry out research in the field of environmental protection and at work stations in accordance with the European standards. The laboratories of PERN S.A. are independent from other entities in the crude oil sector (producers, importers, wholesalers and operators), and are accredited with Certificate no. AB 387.