Range of services

Analises of liquid fuels

PERN S.A. has an independent network of accredited laboratories, which offer:

  • systematic quality control of stored products at each stage of storage in the fuel bases,
  • carrying out commissioned research related to the quality of fuels, biofuels and biocomponents,
  • sampling of fuels, biofuels and biocomponents,
  • arbitrage research,
  • monitoring fuel quality at the stations,
  • other laboratory services – according to the customer’s needs.

Serving knowledge and many years of experience in the field of testing liquid fuels, biofuels and biocomponents, we offer our services to manufacturers, importers, distributors and users of various types of liquid fuels.

The laboratories of PERN S.A. carry out the following research:

Gasoline – the scope of research

Ethanol – the scope of research

FAME – the scope of research

Diesel – the scope of research

Fuel oil – the scope of research

Analyses in the field of environmental protection and work environment

The company has an Environmental Protection Laboratory in the Laboratory at the Fuel Base in Nowa Wieś Wielka near Bydgoszcz.

The laboratory in Nowa Wieś Wielka carries out nationwide services in the field of:

Sampling of:

  • sewage
  • groundwater
  • snowmelt and rainfall water
  • soil
  • in workplaces.

Physical-chemical research of:

  • sewage: purified, raw, by technological steps, etc.
  • waters: underground (piezometric water), drinking water, well water, technological, snowmelt and rainfall water, etc.
  • soil
  • at the workplace: physical factors (noise, electric lighting), chemical factors (hydrocarbons, metals, carbon monoxide, free crystalline silica), dustiness.

The environmental Protection Laboratory guarantees the high quality of services provided through the continuous improvement of their work: participation in training, seminars, proficiency tests, interlaboratory tests via the purchase of specialized laboratory equipment and latest generation measuring equipment.

Sewage and water – the research scope

Work environment – the research scope

Soil – the research scope