Legal status

PERN Spółka akcyjna

PERN S.A. is listed in the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register, registry number 0000069559, maintained by the District Court for Łódź-Śródmieście in Łódź, 20th Commercial Department of the National Court Register.

REGON [National Business Registry Number]: 000044641
NIP [Tax Identification Number] 774 – 00 – 03 – 097

The share capital of the company is 1 235 977 500.00 PLN (in words: one billion two hundred thirty-five million nine hundred seventy-seven thousand five hundred PLN) and is divided into 123 597 750 (in words: one hundred twenty-three million five hundred ninety-seven thousand seven hundred fifty) registered shares with a nominal value of 10 PLN (in words: ten PLN) each.

PERN S.A. has been operating as a joint-stock company since 1 January 1999 as a result of the transformation of a state-owned enterprise operating under the name Przedsiębiorstwo Eksploatacji Rurociągów Naftowych “Przyjaźń”.

The company operates on the basis of: the Act of 15 September, 2000 and the Code of Commercial Companies (the Journal of Laws no. 94, item 1037, as amended), the Act of 30 August, 1996 on Commercialization and Privatization of State Enterprises (the Journal of Laws no. 118, item 561, as amended) and the Statute.

Date of publication: 1 September 2016
Last Actualisation: 8 April 2022
Author: Administrator BIP
Author of the modification: Administrator BIP