Construction of second line of Pomeranian Section

The project assumes the construction of second line of raw material pipeline along the route running along the existing, Ist line of Pomeranian Pipeline, from the Depot at Miszewko Strzałkowskie to the Base in Gdańsk. The pipeline is assumed to operate in both directions, irrespective of the I line of the pipeline. According to preliminary estimates, the technical parameters of the pipeline will allow the transmission of approx. 25 million tonnes of crude oil annually along the Miszewko Strzałkowskie Base – Gdańsk Base route.

At present, conceptual works are pending on the project. Basic assumptions:

  • pipeline length – approx. 242 km of pipeline
  • pipeline diameter 800 mm
  • throughput approx. 25 million tonnes/year.

The extension of the Pomeranian Section is a project of key importance to the energy security of our country.

Despite reverse flow, the Pomeranian Section transmission infrastructure currently in operations is the sole artery, and as there are no possibilities for replacement with another agent, it is the weakest link in the crude oil pipeline transport system. For this reason, it is necessary to create redundant infrastructure to provide additional back-up to the transport of crude oil along the Pomeranian Section.