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PERN Capital Group

PERN Capital Group is a rapidly developing national and regional leader in raw material and fuel logistics, consolidating its operational activities in the field of transport, storage, handling and blending of crude oil and fuels. It combines knowledge and experience developed over 50 years of operations in this sector. In total, the Group has approximately 3.5 million m3 of storage capacity for crude oil and 1.8 million m3 for liquid fuels. GK PERN has a marine transhipment terminal with a capacity of 40 million tons per year. The Group provides services in the scope of dosing additives and biocomponents for fuels, performs inspections of technical condition of pipelines and laboratory tests of crude oil products, leases optical fibres, and also transmits internet data. The company also offers services in the field of fuel storage, warehousing of stocks and reserves of crude oil products, dosing of biocomponents and additives, transhipment of fuels and creation and maintenance of obligatory stocks of liquid fuels, the so-called ticket service.

PERN S.A. has 19 fuel bases in which petrol, diesel, light fuel oil and aviation fuel are stored. The company has tanks with various capacities, the largest of which have a capacity of 32 000 m3. Their total capacity is 1.8 million m3.

PERN Capital Group also offers collocation services.

In addition to PERN S.A., the Group includes six subsidiaries: NAFTOPORT Sp. z o.o., Centrum Diagnostyki Rurociągów i Aparatury (CDRiA Sp. z o.o.), Siarkopol Gdańsk S.A., SARMATIA Sp. z o.o., Naftor Sp. z o.o. and Naftoserwis Sp. z o.o.

PERN S.A. – a parent company within the Capital Group and one of the most technologically advanced companies in Poland, meets the highest European standards and guarantees energy security of the country. It was established in 1959 as an operator transporting crude oil from the Soviet Union to Poland and East Germany, and already in 1963 the first batch of crude oil reached the tank in Adamów by pipelines. Constructing next mains to transport crude oil and crude oil products, PERN S.A. creates a flexible and reliable pipeline system with a high capacity. In 1999, the company was transformed into a joint-stock company with 100% share of the State Treasury. The basic task of the Company is the operation of a pipeline network of nearly 900 km, transporting crude oil for the largest fuel producers in Poland and Germany. Implementation of this service is provided by “Przyjaźń” pipeline running from Adamów (located near the Polish border with Belarus) to Płock, and then to Schwedt in Germany. The Pomeranian pipeline connecting Płock with Gdańsk, which enables the transport of the raw material in both directions, plays a major role in supplying the Polish refineries with crude oil. Crude oil can be pumped through the Pomeranian Pipeline to Gdańsk Naftoport, and then sent to exporters for export. This pipeline also gives the opportunity to supply the Polish and German refineries with raw material from other directions than “Przyjaźń” pipeline.

The storage of crude oil is the service provided by PERN S.A. that is extremely important for the energy security of the country. The company has four warehouse bases: in Adamów, Miszewko Strzałkowskie near Płock, Górki Zachodnie near Gdańsk and Gdańsk Crude Oil Terminal, equipped with tanks with a capacity from 30 000 up to 100 000 m3. Gdańsk Crude Oil Terminal, commissioned for operation in 2016, consists of six large tanks with a capacity of 62.4 thousand cubic meters each, external and internal pipelines for crude oil, sewage treatment plant, oil pumping stations and full road infrastructure, sewage and electrical networks. Its construction cost 412 million PLN. On 8 April, 2016, the historic first transhipment of approximately 100 000 tons of crude oil from Stena Arctica tanker occurred.

In the period from 4 August, 2016 to 11 January, 2017, PERN S.A. has purchased nearly 21 million shares of PKN ORLEN SA, earning almost 4.90% share in the Company’s share capital, which will allow for a more complete synergy with the mutual business cooperation of both companies. Due to this capital transaction, PERN S.A. carries out its mission and the owner’s interest in ensuring the country’s energy security in the raw materials and fuel logistics segment.

On 3 January, 2018, PERN and OLPP merged, thanks to which the integration process of the companies ended, aimed at internal strengthening of PERN Capital Group and increasing its value for the Owner. The integration is also aimed at increasing the country’s energy security in the area of the crude oil and fuel market.

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