In accordance with the duties of the operator of the company with a high risk of an industrial accident, resulting from Article 261 (5) of the Environmental Protection Act (the consolidated text, the Journal of Laws of 2020, item 1219), we hereby provide you with information on safety measures and how to proceed in the event of major accidents in the Fuel Bases being the field organizational units of PERN S.A. The information provided is updated on an ongoing basis.

Information related to: approved safety reports or their changes; accepted external emergency plans or their changes; submitted applications of the companies; positively evaluated major accident prevention programs; planned inspections in the field; the possibility of public participation in proceedings related to the preparation of an external emergency plan 30 days prior to its adoption; instructions for the conduct of residents in the event of an incident; annually updated list of hazardous substances located in high risk companies; justification for not preparing an external emergency plan – are provided by the competent Head of the Provincial National Fire Protection Service, pursuant to article 267 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act.”