Measurement Centre

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The company has expanded the range of services provided to carry out the correctness checks reports in terms of the measurement systems as a part of their calibration and to check the correctness of measurement system indications as a part of external metrological control carried out by local measurement units and notified bodies in cooperation with the Team of Measurement Systems.

The aforementioned checks are carried out using a mobile piston standard, with an expanded uncertainty of 0.052% (with a probability of expanding approximately 95% and an expansion factor of k=2), for which an Expertise Certificate issued by the Central Office of Measures was obtained in 2016. The Expertise Certificate assures the credibility of the aforementioned checks carried out by the Team of Measurement Systems and stands as confirmation for External and Internal Customers of the reference of the results of the measurements carried out to the State Designs of Units and entry of the tested measurement system into the existing measurement chain in the country.